Thursday, 23 November 2017

Thursday 23rd November

This week in English we have deepened our learning about the story of ‘George and The Dragon’ by Chris Wormell. First we made a ‘mood map’, when we thought about how George was feeling at each part of the story. We thought about different words we could use to describe how he was feeling, such as miserable, cross, delighted and elated.

Next we worked with a partner and did a ‘phone home activity’. This is when one person pretends to be George and the other is his parent. George starts to tell the events of the story and the parent asks George questions to help him explain what has happened and how he is feeling.

The following day we practised writing sentences based on pictures from the story. We had to remember to put the sentence in our head, use finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and to check it made sense. As we wrote each word we remembered to ‘say the word, finger the word, write the word’, trying to ensure we formed our letters correctly.  

Finally we had a quiz to see how much we could remember about the story. We worked in groups to practise our good teamwork skills. Here are some of the questions if you would like to try it at home!

When you read a book with your child please encourage then to ask and answer questions about the text. 

Next week the children will be writing their own versions of the story. Here is the link if you would like to listen to it again at home:

This week in maths we began the week by looking at fact families where we linked addition and subtraction facts.  We talked about addition and subtraction being the inverse of each other that means they undo each other.  For example if we start with
4 + 2 = 6
we then know that addition can be done in any order so 
2 + 4 = 6
And that addition is the inverse of subtraction 
6 – 2 = 4
6 – 4 = 2
Then we talked about the equals sign can be positioned at the start or end of a calculation.
6 = 4 + 2
6 = 2 + 4
2 = 6 - 4
4 = 6 - 2
These are the 8 facts. 

On Tuesday we began learning about place value within 20. We counted forwards and backward from 0 to 20. You may like to help your child practise this at home.
We looked at some Numicon images that represent numbers from 11- 19. We noticed each number had one ten in. We chanted 11 - 1 ten and 1 ones, 12 - 1 ten and 2 ones, 13 - 1 ten and 3 may like to play a game asking your child which number has 1 ten and 8 ones or vice versa 15 is made up of ....... It is important that they understand it is thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen and not thirty, forty, fifty, sixty.

On Wednesday we were then shown some images and had to say what number between 11 and 19 it represented. These included tens frames. 
What number is represented below.

Your child may like to find different ways of representing numbers between 11 and 19 and bring them in to share with their class.
We talked about which way is easier to see straight away.

In history we investigated what life was like in Victorian times so we are prepared for our Victorian workshop on the 4th December. We used DK Findout.

Follow the link to find out more about what it was like to live during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Have a wonderful long weekend.
The Year One Teachers

Friday, 17 November 2017

Friday 17th November 2017

This week in English we have been learning the story ‘George and The Dragon’ by Chris Wormell. In this story a mouse named George moves into a cave next door to a dragon who is scared of mice. When George pops next door, to ask to borrow some sugar for his tea, the dragon is terrified of George so he flies away. This means George rescues a princess and the princess treats George to a delicious tea and lets him live in a cosy hole in the castle wall. Here is a link if you would like to share the story at home.:
We started by listening to the story and drawing a story map to help us remember what happens.
The next day we used our story map to ‘step’ the story. This is when we say a noun and verb to tell each part of the story, taking a step each time. Here is some of the script to try and explain:
Dragon lived
Fly higher
Burn breath
Smash castle
Flick tail 
Brush army

The next day we told the story in pairs. We held a pencil when it was our turn to speak and took turns to talk and listen to each other.
Finally we have had a ‘George and The Dragon’ chil, when we could choose draw pictures of characters or the tea, make puppets of the characters and act out the story, sequence traditional version, write thank you notes from the princess or George,  write about dragons and princesses, write list of food at tea or sequence phrases from the story.

All of the activities this week are to help us learn the story in order to write the story. We also thought about phrases we could ‘magpie’ when we tell or write other stories. Please ask your child to retell the story for you at home, watch and listen to the story online or try one of the other chil activities. 

This week in maths we were learning about subtraction.   We used the part whole model to write our own takeaway calculations. We talked about breaking apart to take away.  What number did we start with?  How many did we take away and how many where left?

On Tuesday we used a number line to use counting back as a strategy. 
6 – 1 = 5
We had to remember to put our right finger on the number we were starting with (6) and then use our left index finger to count back 1 to find what is left.  Your child may like to practise this at home.

On Wednesday we had to find the difference between two numbers.  We used unfix to make two sticks to find the difference between the two numbers.  We looked at where they were the same and where they were different.
We talked about the strategies we could use to find how many more.  Here are some of them
·         use unifix
·         count on from the smallest number
·         count back from the biggest number
·         use our number facts

On Friday we continued to find the difference.  We had to find the difference between the spots on Pudsey and the spots on Pudsey’s friend. We used the same strategies as the day before.

In art this week we used our observational skills to draw a portrait of our favourite member of the Royal Family.

In history we used our knowledge about Queen Victoria to answer a quiz. We also put events of her life in chronological order.

We have had a great day having our spotty teddies in school.

Have a great weekend.
The Year One Team