Friday, 22 September 2017

Friday 22nd September

Today we have had a wonderful trip to Mountfitchet Castle, thinking about how it would have been to live there in the past. Next week we will be reading and writing about our trip, using time words to sequence the day. Thank you to those parents who came with us, we hope you enjoyed the day too! We hope you enjoy the photos!

This week in maths we continued representing numbers in different ways. In groups of three were given a number from 1-10 and had to find as many different ways of practically representing that numbers.  Some of use wrote the numeral, the word or did our own jottings and drawings, some of us found the corresponding Numicon or found the number on a 100 grid or on a  number line. Look at some of the ways we found.

We enjoyed a maths ChIL where were able to order numbers from 0-10 and practise our careful counting.  We also played a game to consolidate representing numbers in different ways.

Later in the week we worked individually to find and record different ways of representing a number.  Look how we recorded the different ways.

Your child may like to do this at home.  Choose a number and find as many different ways to represent that number – take a photo and your child could bring it in to show everyone in class.
These activities will really help your child deepen their understanding of numbers from 1-10.

Other home learning mathematical activities this week include
·         practising counting 0-10 on fingers 

·        Using your fingers  
show me nine

 show me six

 show me five 

·         practising correct number formation 0-10. Look at the arrows to see where you start forming the number.

All these activities will help your child feel more confident in their maths lessons.

This week in English we have been reading and writing captions for pictures from Lullabyhullabyloo.

First we remembered what we do to read a word. Practise saying with your child: ‘We look at the letters, say the sounds and blend the sounds together ‘.

We had to read the captions and then match them with the correct picture. The next day we thought of our own captions to go with pictures. We had to make sure they matched! First we got our sentence ready in our head and then remembered what we need when we write a sentence – a capital letter, finger spaces, full stop. When we write a word we, ‘Say the word, finger the word, write the word’. This ensures that we write all the sounds that we hear. Please encourage your child to write some words, using their fingers to help them.

We have also been practising form our letters correctly. This week we have been learning how to form dome of the ‘curly caterpillar letters’. These are letters that are formed by starting with a ‘c’ shape. This week we have been concentrating on c, a, d and g. When your child is writing please encourage them to form these letters in this way. 

Next week we will be building our own castle towers, like the ones we saw at Mountfichet Castle If you have any cardboard boxes that we could use when junk modelling please let us have them early next week.

Have a lovely weekend, and we think the children will sleep well tonight!
The Year One Team