Friday, 9 February 2018

Friday 9th February

This week in maths we have continued learning about numbers and their place value within 50.

On Monday we were grouping numbers into tens and ones. We played a game called the ‘Snail one hundred game’. We played the game in pairs we took turns to roll a dice and get that number of bricks out.  When we got ten bricks we had to swap it for one tens stick.  We would tell our partner what number we had got. Eg one ten stick and eight (bricks) = 18, four tens sticks and two ones = 42.  You may like to play the game at home. Follow the link to download the game.

It is important the children understand ten ones makes one ten and that once you have ten ones you swap them for a ten stick. You wouldn’t want one hundred ones, it is much easier to count ten tens. This is also true with 1p coins.

On Tuesday we used part whole models and grid models to represent numbers within 50.  We talked about the what each digit represented in the numbers 13 and 31. We then recorded the number of tens and ones in each number using sticks and bricks.
Two children have done the same that we did but one has made a mistake.  Can you spot it?

On Wednesday we used a range of images to represent numbers within 50. We used arrow cards to partition (pull apart) and then recombine. We asked the children to say the numbers we showed eg 29 and then partitioned the number to see it was made up of 20 ( two tens) and 9 ones.  When we recombined the parts we made the number 29.
Play the game using arrow cards

We then chose a number within 50 and thought of four different ways to show that number.
Show image

On Friday we had to find one more or less than a given number eg one more than 40 = 41 and one less = 39.
We played ‘Mend the Square’ which is a good way to consolidate this concept.  Follow the link to play.

After we looked at the signs for more > and less<. 
Next we looked at a recording sheet.  We read the the original number eg 15 and then showed it in sticks and bricks. Recorded one more and then one less.  We worked with numbers within 50.

one less <     number         tens and ones                one more >

Here is another game to consolidate one more and one less

Here are some more home learning ideas for over half term.
It is important that the children know there way around a number grid to 50 then 100. Follow the links to develop this skill.

Let your child count in ones forwards and backwards from any given number eg from 35 to 49, 41 to 28 – crossing the boundary from 41, 40, 39 is the trickiest part. Ask them ‘If you count from 38 to 24. Will you say the number 19.‘ Explain how you know?

Follow the links below to play the games to help consolidate your child’s learning of place value.

This week we have been authors and written our own Alien Party story, based on the story we had learnt. We started by using a boxing up grid to plan our story. We thought about what happens at the beginning, middle and end of our story. We used the same structure as the story we had learnt and changed some details. Have a look at the example below..

We then used this grid to tell the story to our learning partner. This helped us to put the story into sentences and add some more interesting detail. Please practise at home this way of planning and telling a story.
The next two days we spent writing our story. We co-constructed the success criteria, please ask your child what we needed to include. Finally we had a ‘moving on pen’ lesson when we looked at our teachers’ marking of our story. We appreciated the things that we had done well and we edited our story to make it even.

In science this week we could revisit  the experiments we have done this term and set up our own investigations.

All the children in Key Stage One have some home learning for half term.  Please could everyone find out about a famous inventor and be ready to share this information with the class. Your child could write a few sentences, draw a picture, make a poster or present the information in any way they like. The children will need to be ready to share this information during lessons on Thursday and Friday of the first week back. We feel that it is a lovely opportunity for the children to research and lean about something that interests them. 
We hope you all have a wonderful half term.
Year One Team

Friday, 2 February 2018

Friday 2nd February

This week we have deepened our understanding of the Alien Party story by doing a range activities. We acted out the story as a class, each child having the opportunity to act a portion of the story. We have also tried an activity called ‘Tell Me More’. We worked in pairs and one child started to tell the story. The other child asked ‘Tell Me More’ to encourage the first child to think more deeply and add more detail to the story.

We then worked in groups and made up class versions of the story using a ‘boxing up sheet’. 

This helped us to change the story whilst making sure the story kept the same sequence and structure. All children had the opportunity to offer their ideas how to change and improve the story. We then shared the stories. Next week we will writing our own versions and using our learning to 'magpie' different ideas. 

This week in maths we have continued learning about subtraction. 
On Monday and Tuesday we solved word problems with one digit numbers and then took away one digit numbers away from numbers between 11 and 19 so we had to cross 10. We used tens frames or pictorial representations of tens frames to help us. 

First we worked in pairs and then we worked  on our own.  Some of us challenged ourselves to missing number problems. We had a part whole representation to help us. 

On Wednesday we had to find the difference between two numbers. Some of us use Numicon to help us while others used unifix sticks and then the bar model to help us understand the concept. We found out you could either count back or count in. 

On Friday we were set an investigation.  How many take away calculations can you make using these numbers? There are 15 possibilities.  Some children found them all because they used a logical system.

At home this weekend your may like to help your child practise subtraction facts to 10 then 20. Use Hit the button too. Follow this link.

In D&T this week we made the moving parts for our space pictures.  We looked at our plans to see which mechanisms we had chosen.  We could choose from spilt pin spinners, card flaps, paper concertina springs and lolly stick sliders. 

On Friday we shared them with the children in Reception to see what they thought of them before we evaluated our own pictures. 

We have have had a special treat this week when the hall became a theatre and we all enjoyed the pantomime 'Aladdin'. The children were very well behaved and really enjoyed the show. 
Have a great weekend - can you believe there is only one week before half term?! 
The Year One Team